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Bridges Provide Connection – of Places, People, and Ideas

With Innovatour, we see ourselves as bridge engineers, connecting the technology centers’ corporate cultures with startup hubs of the world.

The bridge portrayed in our logo is modeled after the Golden Gate Bridge, the entryway to Silicon Valley, the first technology center of our time.

Pioneers from this legendary region have been revolutionizing our world for centuries with their new and innovative ideas. Here, the smallest businesses, established in cellars and garages, have evolved into the most valuable global players, leaving their marks on our daily lives.

In our day and age, Silicon Valley is no longer just a place for innovation in the midst of sunny California. Moreover, the American high-tech delta has become a representation of an inspirational mindset, which animates tech entrepreneurs and startup visionaries around the globe.

Bridges Connect Places and Bring People Together

It is our mission to guide interested entrepreneurs and executives to intriguing places, in order to join them with visionaries working on the latest ideas of tomorrow, be that from German-speaking areas or worldwide.

Throughout our journey, participants are granted insights into chosen hotspots, where startups, corporations, universities, or investors strive hand in hand for a common goal: step by step building a better world.

Bridges Connect and Are Two-Way Streets

With our journey, we do not only lead Germany out into the world but also invite the world into Germany.

On our carefully constructed tours, we wish to welcome international guests to our home and present Germany’s innovation site with its colorful technology centers. Furthermore, we hope to link our visitors with German visionaries.

With the help of Innovatour, we connect places, people, and ideas due to promoting cultural exchange and networking between participants.

We sincerely invite you, with open arms, to become a part of Innovatour’s community.


Meet Innovatour’s Founders and Travel Guides

Silicon Valley Insider Jochen Siegle

After stops in Stuttgart, Tokyo, and Miami, Jochen has spent over ten years in San Francisco, working as a journalist in the fields of technology and economics in addition to being a US-correspondent for leading publications such as Der Spiegel, NZZ, Zeit, FAZ, and SZ.

Jochen is an insider in the industry of Silicon Valley, who has met and interviewed with several of the tech and innovation sector’s top players, including Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, and founders of Google, Larry Page and Sergej Brin.

With his digital agency MomentiMedia, which was founded in 2007, he assists internationally renowned top brands like Philips, Panasonic, Siemens, Daimler, or Kärcher in the departments of online and motion picture communication.


Travel Planner and Life Sciences Expert Johannes Kaut

In the past 15 years, Johannes Kaut has traveled to approximately 40 countries spread out on 5 continents. 2016, he turned his hobby into a job by founding Travel Planner Deluxe.

His favorite destination is the USA, having already been to 30 of the states.

Since early on, Johannes has been passionate about innovation and biotech. After finishing high school specialized in biotech, he studied Biochemistry in Tübingen. During his studies and after his diploma, he spent some time at international research institutes in Germany, Switzerland, and Canada.

Furthermore, the travel planner made use of his various talents in his eight years of working as a freelance journalist for newspapers by the “Südwest Presse” publishing house as well as in his two years as a part of PR-agencies, consulting global players within the field of life science and technology.

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